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Honours and Awards

 1959  Knight, Ronald, Dr.  Divisional Surgeon 
 1973  Lane, Ron  Service Medal
 1976  Lane, Ron  Order of St John, Serving Brother
 1977  Lane, Ron  1st Bar
 1977  Jenkins, Mick  Service Medal
 1977  Shannon, Robert  Service Medal
 1977  Knight, Ronald, Dr.  Service Medal
 1980  Lane, Glad  Service Medal
 1982  Lane, Ron  2nd Bar
 1982  Knight, Ronald, Dr.  1st Bar
 1982  Iseppi, Jim  Service Medal
 1982  Muhleisen, Wesley  Service Medal
 1982  Lane, Trevor  Service Medal
 1982  Platell, Cecil  Service Medal
 1983  Ong, Geok, Dr.  Divisional Doctor
 1983  Bruce, Robert  Life Member
 1983  Mullins, Geoffrey  Life Member
 1983  Houghton, Philip  Life Member
 1983  Jenkins, Mick  Life Member
 1983  Shannon, Robert  Life Member
 1983  Lane, Glad  Life Member
 1983  Jenkins, Mick  1st Bar
 1985  Lane, Glad  1st Bar
 1985  Rafferty, Thelma  Service Medal
 1986  Shannon, Robert  1st Bar
 1986  Spark, Don  Service Medal
 1987  Platell, Cecil  1st Bar
 1987  Iseppi, Jim  1sr Bar
 1989  Iseppi, Jim  Life Member
 1989  Platell, Cecil  Life Member
 1989  Rafferty, Thelma  Life Member
 1989  Burges, John  Life Member
 1989  Henderson, Murray  Service Medal
 1990  Lane, Glad  2nd Bar
 1991  Lane, Ron  3rd Bar
 1991  Shannon, Robert  2nd Bar
 1991  Spark, Don  1st Bar
 1991  Rafferty, Thelma  1st Bar
 1991  Burges, John  Service Medal
 1992  Lane, Ron  Life Member
 1992  Iseppi, Jim  2nd Bar
 1992  Platell, Cecil  2nd Bar
 1992  Turner, Warren  Service Medal 
 1993  Birch, Garry  Service Medal 
 1994  Henderson, Murray  1st Bar
 1995  Lane, Glad   3rd Bar
 1995  Ong, Geok, Dr.  Service Medal 
 1996  Rafferty, Thelma   2nd Bar
 1996  Spark, Don  2nd Bar
 1997  Iseppi, Jim  3rd Bar
 1997  Platell, Cecil  3rd Bar
 1998  Henderson, Murray   Life Member 
 1998  Birch, Garry  1st Bar
 1998  Davis, Rod  Service Medal 
 1999  Henderson, Murray   2nd Bar
 2000  Lane, Glad  4th Bar
 2000  Ong, Geok, Dr.  1st Bar
 2000  Germain, Christine  Service Medal 
 2001  Spark, Don  3rd Bar
 2001  Rafferty, Thelma  3rd Bar
 2002  Platell, Cecil  4th Bar
 2002  Birch, Garry  2nd Bar
 2002  Stedman, Keith  Service Medal 
 2003  Platell, Cecil  Order of St John, Officer Brother
 2003  Iseppi, Jim  4th Bar
 2003  Davis, Rod  1st Bar
 2004  Lane, Glad  Order of St John, Commandery Commendation
 2005  Lane, Glad  5th Bar
 2005  Ong, Geok, Dr.  2nd Bar
 2005  Germain, Christine  1st Bar
 2006  Rafferty, Thelma  4th Bar
 2006  Templeman Twells, Andy  Service Medal 
 2009  Henderson, Murray   3rd Bar
 2009  Stedman, Keith  1st Bar
 2009  Stedman, Keith   Honourary Life Member 
 2009  Davis, Rod  Honourary Life Member 
 2009  Templeman Twells, Andy   Honourary Life Member 
 2009  Lorraway, Peter  Honourary Life Member 
 2009  Mansell, Guy  Honourary Life Member 
 2009  Tibbs, Mark  Honourary Life Member 

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