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Become a Volunteer at St John Ambulance - Waroona

Volunteer with your local sub-centre as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer. Attend emergency and non-emergency ambulance calls, as well as other duties as required.

Is this you?
Are you interested in clinical and community based volunteer work?
Are you over the age of 18 and you have an unencumbered drivers licence?
Can you easily work solo but also part of a team?
Are you physically able to perform CPR?
What the role involves
Participate in the sub centre roster to attend ambulance jobs. This includes emergency situations and routine patient transfers
Attend public events to provide first aid services
Attend training regularly to maintain skills
Complete accurate records for ambulance calls
Work effectively with your partner on ambulance calls and with other members of the sub centre
Act in a way that promotes a positive image of the organisation at all times
General duties associated with maintaining vehicles and the sub centre to the required standard
Skills and Qualifications
Provide First Aid course completed with St John (provided at no cost)
Unencumbered C Class Driver’s Licence
Medically and physically fit
Able to communicate effectively and respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds
Able to remain calm under pressure
Enjoy helping people

Skills you will develop
Volunteer ambulance officers receive the highest quality training which equips them with the essential basic and intermediate life support skills to assist them in stabilising patients en route to hospital. 

In addition to the initial training, an ongoing skills maintenance program for volunteers is also provided at local sub centres, in cooperation with your regional training coordinator. 

St John volunteers can also undertake other training courses, including volunteer skills weekends, a Volunteer Ambulance Officer driving course, a skills knowledge and ongoing Continuing Education Programs (CEP). 

Free Training Available

  • Provide First Aid Course
  • Advanced First Aid Skills 
  • Level 1 Volunteer Ambulance Officer (VA0)
  • Level 2 Volunteer Ambulance Officer (VA0) 
  • Ambulance Driver training 
  • Continuing Education Programs (CEP) 

Provide support to your local Sub Centre

Primary Purpose
Opportunities are available to members of the community with various skills to join St John Ambulance WA regional stations in a non-medical capacity.

Roles may vary based on the need at the Ambulance station in your local area.

If you have a specific skill or talent you believe would be beneficial to your local sub centre please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Opportunities include:

  • Membership on Committee at Sub Centre (e.g. Treasurer, Chairperson, Secretary, General Committee Member)
  • Clean and maintain vehicles, equipment and facilities
  • Social activities coordinator
  • Catering coordinator
  • Public Events Coordinator
  • Admin support
  • Gardener
  • Public Relations and volunteer recruitment
  • Re-stocking ambulances and stores
  • Special projects as determined by the sub centre

All training is provided by St John Ambulance WA.

For more information please contact St John Ambulance Waroona.
Email: waroonastjohn@bigpond.com
Office phone: 9733 2122 (Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 12 Noon and 12:30pm to 3pm)
Or Free Call 1800 069 393
Email: volunteermemberservices@stjohnambulance.com.au
Website: www.stjohnchangelives.com.au